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Pipeline Repair Clamps

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Pipeline Repaire Products


Pipe Fit - Split Repair Sleeve

  • For on shore installation.
  • For offshore installation, with zinc anodes and marine epoxy coating.
  • Weldable, with heat insulating gaskets with girder rings, if required.
  • Split sleeves are widely used for making repairs to a variety of high or low pressure and high or low Pipe Fit - Split Repair Sleeve temperature pipelines, containing oil, water, gas, steam and chemical fluids.
  • The clamp halves are joined by bolts to form a high integrity pressure vessel around the damaged or leaking pipe.
  • Sealing is provided by elastomer seals of the highest quality selected for compatibility with the pipeline fluid and operating temperature.
  • The Split sleeves may also be welded after installation to provide a permanent repair. It may be completely seal welded with the pipeline in operation.
pipes pipes
pipes pipes
Pipeline Repaire Products

Flange Fit Flange Repair Clamp

  • Stops leaks in flange gaskets
  • Flange Fit Repair Rings are designed for easy installation.
  • No special surface preparation is required prior to installation.
  • The product can be installed by your own personnel and can be used multiple times.
  • Bolt leakage is stopped by the injection of a suitable sealant fluid via sufficient injection sockets.
  • In case of a small gap between the line flanges, gaskets can be installed for temporarily sealing prior and during injection.
  • Detailed design is done based on line temperature, design temperature and design pressure.
  • In order to be able to quote the correct product, please download and complete the Flange Fit Data Sheet from our website and send it to us.
  • Clamps are hydrotested as per ANSI class at 1.3 x operating pressure.

Material specifications

Standard Clamp Components
Body ASTM A516
Stud Bolts A193 Gr. B7
Nuts A194 Gr. 2H
Gaskets NBR (others available on request)
pipes pipes pipes
Split Sleeve Products

Split Barrel

Product Description:-

The split barrel repair clamp is used to repair leaking Couplings, broken AC couplings and leaking bell joint connections. With the split barrel repair clamps, it is possible to repair the pipe without removing the broken coupling. Furthermore, it can be easily installed even under rough and wet conditions. No special tools are needed, just a torque wrench. The clamp is suitable for pressures up to 40 bar and on pipes with diameter up to 1500mm and length up to 5000mm.

More specifications

  • Material: Stainless steel AISI 304/316
  • Bolts & nuts: Stainless steel AISI 304/316 with PTFE coating-to avoid galling.
  • Rubber gaskets: NBR or EPDM. Axial gaskets are seated in grooves in each half of the split barrel.
  • Restraint strips are welded in to prevent the rubber from flowing out during installation.
  • The initial radial seal is obtained be tightening the end bolts at each end of barrel.
  • Depending on the size and weight of the product, a hinge construction will be provided to lift the split barrel over the pipe.
  • A vent is installed for test purpose and to enable the medium to escape during installation.
  • A suitable vent valve is not included.

We will need to know the pipe diameter, repair situation, pressure and medium as well as the required length. If possible, please provide us with a sketch or picture of the repair situation.

pipes pipes pipes
Pipeline Repaire Products

Needle Clamp

Product Description:-

The Needle Clamp is a pinhole repair clamp and is the the appropriate solution to repair small corrosion pits in steel pipes. No surface preparation is required, and a simple wrench is sufficient to install the clamp. The needle guides the Zp of the conical rubber gasket to enter the corroded area. By tightening the plug, the rubber gasket sufficiently compresses to seal off the leak. Maximum working pressure is 2000 psi (138 bar). The Needle Clamp can be installed by your own personnel.

Material specifications

Standard Clamp Components
Body Stainless Steel AISI 304
Stud Bolts A193 Gr. B7
Nuts A194 Gr. 2H
Gaskets (4) NBR or VITON
Pilot pin (1) SS 316
Packing force screw (2) ASTM A105, galvanized
Thrust washer (3) Brass
Dual dia pin (5) SS 316
pipes pipes pipes
Pipeline Repaire Products

Pipeline Coupling

  • The pipeline coupling connects oil-gas, steam and Petro-chemical pipelines easily and safely.
  • The pipeline coupling can be installed without any preparation of the pipe ends.
  • The coupling operates with 2 kinds of bolting systems: radial & axial screws.
  • They align the two pipe ends together and compress the sealing gaskets, respectively.
  • In case a long-term connection of the pipes is required, the pipeline coupling must be welded to the line.
  • The gasket material is selected according to the medium inside the pipe, the desired operating temperature, rate of corrosion and product performance.
  • NBR gaskets are standard. Other gaskets are available upon request. The pipeline coupling can withstand axial forces only while it is anchored to the pipe (i.e., either it is fully welded on the line pipes or the line is axially supported).

Material specifications

Standard product components
Body Acc. To API 5L/ ASTM A106 or equivalent
Screws Acc. To A193 Gr. B7
pipes pipes

High Pressure Leak Repair Clamps are ideally made for extremely critical applications. CLAMPCO high pressure leak repair clamps are the ideal, cost effective and safe solution for leaking pipelines. They have already been used worldwide with extremely positive results and satisfied customers both onshore and offshore. The clamps are manufactured with strict adherence to industry specifications and quality control program. The clamps are precision machined in the CLAMPCO machine shop. CLAMPCO high pressure leak repair clamps have helped customers avoid costly downtime that reduces their output.









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